Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Don't tell anyone

Time for a confession. A terrible, embarrassing confession that is just as difficult to personally acknowledge as it is to tell anyone about.

I am, just slightly, interested in the Wii-U.

Wait, don't go! This interest have very little chance of turning into a purchase. It probably wont make it past the end of the week. It has nothing to do with the system itself, the first party cavalcade of sequels that I have no doubt will be metered out at a snails pace, or the supposed graphical prowess that just barely surpassed what can be achieved now. It is the controller that has captured my eye, mostly because I don't understand how it is going to work. I have seen mock ups with the television screen completely freed of all extraneous information, all of it delegated to the giant, battery sucking touch screen. At first this seems like a good idea, but think about it: you know have to look in two places at once to do what you could do by looking in once place before. The inclusion of a more tradition button scheme is nice, but using it will make taking advantage of the touch screen very difficult (unless you to use your nose, but there's the looking in two places problem again).

I just don't understand it. I didn't understand the Wii, either, but at that, less jaded, point of my gaming career I trusted Nintendo to put out a product that I would on some level enjoy. It wasn't until I got a Wii-mote in my hands that I became completely disillusioned with the silliness of motion controls. This will probably turnout the same way, but I have to see it for myself. Someone thought this was a good idea, put a lot of money behind it, sent it out to third party developers and gave it a stupid name. There has to be something there, right?

Then again, they did just release the 3DS, which isn't exactly flying off the shelves at the same pace the DS did.


Oh shit, EVO is this weekend. I cannot wait for Daigo to win the thing with Yun and get booed right off the stage. Last year the stream died during the final moments of the final round. The anger was palpable right through the inter-tubes. Here's hoping they get Seth Killian back to do commentary and someone dive kicks him in the face.

Just kidding, Seth, you know I love you.

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