Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good lord, cover that up

I was joking about the brothel. Far to many games start things that they cannot finish within the confines of an 'M', or in this case a 'T', rating. That's goes doubly so for a game as ugly as Venetica. Sure enough, I wandered into surprisingly vertical section of town to find a house of ill repute tucked into the corner. Later in that same area there was a side quest to find a missing husband; you get one guess where he was hiding out. Only he was sitting alone at a table and screamed 'Can't you see I'm busy!' when I approached him. If there was a dialogue choice of 'Show me your hands!' I would have taken it; instead I just ratted him out to his wife for the experience points.

If I had to pick one thing so far that has been different from all the other second, third, and fourth rate action RPG's I played I would say that Venetica features female armor that actually looks like armor. In a genre (shit, in gaming as a whole) armor on the ladies looks like this:

Venetica has plate armor that looks like this:

Please, pay not attention to her head being to large for her body or that red triangle in the upper right hand corner which is most likely cause by the camera clipping through a wall.

That's it. That's the best I can come up with for a compliment: reasonable armor that accommodates the female frame and looks like it will actually prevent damage. Thank god Ms. 'Splosion Man comes out next week. I will finally have something good to play again.

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