Friday, July 22, 2011

I have forgotten my point

As I feared, I played through to the end of Portal 2 with my laptop open to a rather detailed and spoiler ridden FAQ. It's not that I was having that hard of a time figuring things out, I just didn't want to wait around for my brain to kick in and took the easy way out. I will go on record right here and now and say that access to the internet, specifically search engines, makes you stupid. At the very least it makes pulling up meaningless facts much more difficult because the lazy (and dominant) part of your brain sits back and says 'you want me to get all your god damn gerbils running on their their god damn treadmills just so you can remember the black and white, single set movie Alan Rickman starred in? Fuck you, use IMDB. Or Google. Or Wikipedia. Bing, what's that?'

It took me almost five minutes to come up with the answer (Closetland), and it is a movie that you don't really ever forget.

My point is, if I can hold on to one for more than a few seconds, search engines do so much work for me that when I try to exercise the atrophied brain muscles to pull out old, useless facts it hurts and more often that not doesn't work. And if my brain has been slowly but surely clearing space by deleting things that it knows can be found within 10 seconds elsewhere what is it filling the newly found vacancies with? Nothing. Nothing at all. Well, apathy, tension, worry, anger and hunger, but nothing productive. The internet doesn't make anyone smarter, it just makes it easier to be dumb.

Back on topic, Portal 2 had an excellent ending that I wish I hadn't spoiled for myself ten minutes before I got there. Even after the game was over there were a few twists to be thrown. At the very end Chell gets what it is assumed that she wants: freedom. Freedom, though, equals an empty field with nothing else for miles around, so I am not sure where they are going to go from here. What I would like to see if some sort of Portal/Half Life crossover, with Gordon stumbling across Chell and getting the portal gun and cool looking boots in an incredibly awkward encounter during which no one talk. This is assuming that there will be a Half Life 3 while my hands still work well enough to play games.

Unless Valve plans to inject the next installment directly into our brains.

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