Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little Death right now would not be so bad

Just finished Venetica and there really isn't much more to say about the game. There was an unexpected detour to Africa, of all places, caused by a boss doing something that you really don't see very often: running away from you. She poisoned me with some sort of venom curse whose only cure was her death then jumped on a boat and headed south. I commandeered a vessel and gave chase, persevered through another poorly constructed boss battle, and it came out as a time. Thankfully the game forgot about the poisons only cure and the main character simply got better. I can only assume that the developers figured anyone who made it this far into the game would be too drunk to notice pieces of the plot being discarded left and right.

I certainly wish I was.

Things actually managed to get sillier from there. The undead princes who I hit with a sword until she saw things my way gave me a vial of her tears (in dust form). This dust had to be woven (?) into a dress that I could use to sneak into the Doge's palace. Once there I was betrayed by my half brother whom I didn't kill but never saw again, got involved in a political struggle between a corrupt council, the guards, a rebellion and a summoned ghost of an old elder, and finally killed the main bad guy who had absorbed the souls of every living thing in Venice and still went down with little effort (and Venice got better).  Side note: the guy doing the voice acting for Vincent, the head evil doer, sounds very much like Malcolm McDowell, circa Keslee from Tank Girl. It was one of the only highlights in what was otherwise a waste for twenty or so hours.

At the beginning of the credits there was a thank you to all the people who had to quit before the project was finished. Think about that for a second: they are actually mentioning and thanking people who got the fuck out of there when it became apparent that the game was going to be a steaming pile. I suppose that they should be congratulated, but for knowing when it was time to take the money and run, not because they assisted in producing something that actually deserved to be impressed on a disc.


Falling asleep in my chair. Time to call it a night. All my energy has been drained away by a terrible game. I need to recharge so I am ready for Hunted tomorrow. It can't possible be this bad,can it?

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