Sunday, July 3, 2011

One bad, one even badder (sic)

The moment that I extolled messing with people I knew that someone would find me and return the favor tenfold. Sure enough, Friday night saw a guy three times my level drop into my game and kill me right before the end of the level. I took my medicine twice, then re-started with the option for people to intrude turned off. Mindjack was not good enough to play the same level over and over, even if it is because I am allowing the game to do the one thing that sets it apart from the hundreds of other third person shooters out there. There was a subtle attempt at being 'meta' towards the end with the revelation that you were not actually playing the main character, just the disembodied mind of a murdered scientist trying to finish his life's work. While this almost makes sense, I was left wondering how the main character came to grips with soldiers on the brink of death suddenly coming to back to life and fighting on his side. Maybe several bullets to the dome as all it took to turn them around to his point of view?

Mindjack lurched across the finish line with a battle versus some sort of cyborg that was never alluded to or explained afterward followed by the one and only time you were forced to posses someone or something else to solve a puzzle. This would have been at least novel, but F.E.A.R. 3 did the exact same thing with Fettel, and it did it better, and it was not painful to behold, hear, or play. There was good idea in Mindjack, but no game to go with it. I suppose this is what I deserve for adding a game to the queue because Yahtzee panned it even more violently than usual. One of three shit games down.


Oh help, Venetica is so bad it is good. It goes right round the bend past hideously unplayable to 'oh my god, did you see that, was this coded by below average interns?'

I would write more but I am on vacation (and sober), more or less. I usually do my writing whilst slacking at work, so writing at home when I could actually be playing something just doesn't feel right.

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