Sunday, July 31, 2011

A public, private party

I almost, almost wish that I had stuck with Marvel, having just watched an incredibly intense grand finals at EVO and not having enough knowledge of the game to truly appreciate it (or even knowing who Viscount was, shame on me). It moves at such speed that I am always a bit behind, even when simply spectating. However, seeing Tronne somehow grab Dark Phoenix with a level 3 command throw to kill her will deservedly be on highlight reels for years to come. I honestly thought that Viscount was done; to have the tournament snatched away at the last possible second and to bounce back and take it 3-0 was even more impressive. These guys are absolute pros, the best at what they do, and it is a shame that so few people can appreciate or even understand their accomplishments.

Fighting games will never make it as main stream entertainment. It requires far to much background knowledge and no one is going to help you get it. I cannot imagine starting Street Fighter with number 4. Actually, I can, it would probably be just like me trying to start MvC3 without playing 2. There is no way that a non-gamer is going to put up with that kind of abuse just to understand what is happening on a stream. But for those of us who do know, even if we know just enough, it is an incredible virtual community.

I say virtual because I lack the skill/time/money/balls to actually be present physically at such an event when I can observe from the safety of my basement.


Wow, that Balrog movie was awful. Let's get the dive kicking started, I need to go to bed.

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