Monday, July 4, 2011

The same could be said for Medusa

The semi-annual Steam sales are truly evil occasions. It would be better for me to simply avoid turning on my computer for the duration, but even then I receive email reminders to keep me from missing the 'astounding savings!!!' The last big run in brought The Witcher, Cryostasis and Armored Princess home. Two of which I tried and did not get far in and one I have yet to ever install. This time around I was doing well, with console ports of most games being the norm, but $1.99 for Trine is not something I can pass up. I may never actually play it, but it is there should the need ever arise.

Looking at my Steam library makes me want to re-install Trackmania United just to see the insane user created tracks, or Audisurf just because I haven't play it in a while, or Zeno Clash just because, but for some reason that I do not fully understand Venetica has my interest still. It's faults are many and obvious; a useless mini-map that does not allow you to highlight the spot of interest you want, a bizarre skill system that forces you to use a skill slot if you want to block, graphics that make oXbox games look next gen. All the game does have is reasonable combat and loads of charm, which it seems to have come across almost my mistake. The voice acting, save for only the main character, is terrible, but Scarlet comes off as believable. As believable as a woman who finds out that she is Death's daughter and accepts the fact with little questioning can, anyway.

As ugly as Venetica is, the character models do have one bright spot, probably done by the one artist who had actual training and went on to find a decent job following the games release. Faces are poorly animated, usually featuring features so out of proportion that they wouldn't even make good Muppets, but their eyes and eye movements are eerily well done. It's like talking to corpse, and everything about the corpse, from the way it looks to the way it moves to the way it smells, is very corpse-like, but the eyes are alive and act accordingly. It's very jarring, and much like the rest of this train wreck very difficult to turn away from.

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