Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stranger in a familiar land

About an hour south of where I live there is a Renaissance Fair that runs every weekend from now until the end of summer. This is the second year in a row I have went, and as usual it was equal parts coveting all sorts of cool things in shops that I cannot afford and playing the 'she should really be wearing more than that' game. There were artisans and performer of all sorts, but it was the audience that proved to be most amusing. In the parking lot my 'party' (of whom I was the only one not dressed up) ended up behind four teenagers of the nerd variety. They were mostly in costume, with one in a robe that covered him from head to toe.

'You are going to be so hot' said the chain mail bikini clad girl next to him.

'Now we know why there are no necromancers anymore' he deadpanned, 'they all died of heat exhaustion.'

My people. I was so proud.


Hunted brought the day full circle with a barely clothed elven maiden sporting a poor British accent shaking what the great mother of the wood gave her. At least she filled but did not spill out of her impossibly tight top. What? The game? It is better than Venetica, that is sure, but I do now know if cover based shooting really belongs in a genre piece. It feels a bit like colorizing Casablanca, actually.

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