Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Dom, you've changed (wink, wink)

Comparing Hunted to Gears of War is still amusing, at least for me. This is not meant a slight towards either franchise, though it is quite obvious who is trying to steal from who (and which game is clearly superior). Gears really is a buddy cop action film with drug pushers replaced by chainsaw gun wielding monstrosities, and it is better for it. The interaction between Marcus and Dom is just deep enough to get the player to care about them as something more than a 'toon that holds the gun they want to use (side note: Dom mercy killing his wife in Gears 2 is just not right, in a 'I'm not gonna show that I care, but damn' way). Hunted is really trying to do the same thing, they have just replaced a space marine with attachment issues with a pointy eared elf in a slutty getup who enjoys blowing things up just a little to much.

'It's not slutty, it's strategically placed'

A direct quote from the game, and one that made me laugh out loud.

They almost make it. Caddoc maintains a fatherly attitude towards E'Lara, chiding her for her outbursts of violence in spite of being only half her age. Later in the game when Caddoc is ready to drop the whole quest because there is no profit in it it is E'Lara who pulls him back in by reminding him that her race suffered the same genocide that they are now seeing. It almost works, but (and I can't believe I am saying this) Epic just put together a better written story with characters you can more easily empathize with. When you steal from one of the best third person shooters there is you have to expect the unfair comparison, even if you did try to change the setting without changing the mechanics.

Now if you'll excuse I am going to go wash out my mouth with soap for saying 'Epic' and 'good writing' is the same sentence.


I would like to finish the game tonight, but I doubt it will even be turned on. Ms. 'Splosion Man is finally out and there is nothing else that I want to play. Plus it is almost time to stop being a whiny bitch and begin the arduous task of downloading all of the updates for AE again. I wonder if deleting my save will have reset my ranking. I hope so, those damn numbers cause much more stress than they are worth.

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