Thursday, July 21, 2011

You know what I need

Portal 2 has much in common with Ms. 'Splosion Man. The goal of every level can be boiled down to getting there from here, there is very little combat, and there are sections where the only way to proceed is to plummet to your death a few times and then cruise to victory on the shoulders of your previous lives. There is a big difference here, though: Portal 2 is a prime example of fan service, and it works because Valve knew exactly what people wanted more of. We wanted puzzles with portals, talking turrets, flying long distances and landing on hard surfaces without being injured. We wanted more Glados, and we got a Glados potato on the end of the portal gun. The first Portal hand a wonderful bare bones stores that served as a guide through the tests. The story is just as import as anything else now, with Glados becoming a character that changes and grows as the game progresses instead of just trying to kill you with Goldberg-esque machinations.

Ms. 'Splosion Man only gives you what Twisted Pixel wants, and it is lessened greatly by this.

Playing two thought/reflex heavy games in a row has driven home that I am not as young, as dexterous or as patient as I once was. Getting stuck for more than five minutes in Portal 2 had me diving for a walk through. When I finish it up tonight it will be more of the same. I rationalize this to myself by saying that I just don't have the time to be stuck. It is Summer of Arcade time and I need to try Bastion, plus I bought that Warhammer twin stick shooter while just a bit drunk and I should try to get my monies worth out of it. Not to mention that GameFly continues to show no mercy, shipped LA Noire at the same time. Feast or famine when it comes to quality, I suppose. Watch them be really mean and send me Infamous 2.

Actually, I would appreciate that. My PS3 has been lonely, as I haven't found the money to by the Lord of the Rings Blu Ray yet.

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