Sunday, August 28, 2011

But I don't want to sleep in that bed!

First, a bit of proof, and an explanation for my lax posting schedule this past week.

Yes, that is my ass up there on a rock wall. That is also about three feet from where I got stuck on three separate attempts. I had a mental break that I could not get past which became much clearly later in the day. We moved on to a much easier but longer climb that started out almost like stairs but went completely vertical for the last twenty or so feet. I could get to the bottom of the vertical section just fine, but as soon as the good foot holds turned to tiny divots in the face of the rock I could not move on. I just did not trust my feet to hold and lost my nerve. Only when I was on the ground in a bar did the experienced person with me explain that this specific area for climbing is one of the most difficult in the country because of how smooth the rocks were. He may have been telling the truth, or he may have been trying to make me feel better. Either way, it worked.

 And now back to my natural habitat.

On Friday night I managed to get just enough time in to finish InFamous 2. I had been playing as electric Palpatine since the very beginning because of the not so subtle push I got from finishing the first game that way. Cole never really ended up being truly evil. Sure, he would kill cops whenever possible, massacre protesters and had a strange urge to fry street performers on site, but he stayed loyal to his friends and kept the major goal of killing The Beast in mind. It what not until a series of twists in the last few hours that I became uncomfortable with my choices, and by then it was far to late to change what Cold has become.

Spoiler ahoy!

The first plot twist was the The Beast was actually a character in the first game (John, those I didn't remember who he was until they told me) that Cole killed. He put himself back together an atom at a time and them rampaged down the east coast destroying everything in his past. John arrives in New Orleans, er, New Marais and is promptly hit with a tactical nuclear missile. Never one to let little things bother him, John shrugs this off and appears to Cole human form to reveal his true mission. The plague that was killing people int he first game was going to spreading and had no cure. The only people who would survive were conduits and John had the ability to awaken them, killing anyone around who wasn't a conduit in the process. After an explosive demonstration Cole is left alone to figure out what the hell to do next.

Plot twist number two comes right before the final good/evil choice. Cole is finally able to power up the 'ray sphere inhibitor,' an item that he was told will stop The Beast and possibly cure the plague. Cole tries to use it, but as soon as power is applied it becomes clear that the device will kill all the conduits, not just John.

So the choice is this: use the RFI, which will kill Cole, the two other conduit chicks that he has been working with, and every other conduit everywhere but possibly eradicate the plague that will kill all the normal human or team up with The Beast to awaken conduits, save your own life and give the rest of humanity the middle finger. To make this even more difficult the Nix (the evil one) and Kuo (the good one) switch sides at the last minute. 

I didn't want to do it, because it was actually a pretty horrible choice, but I stayed the evil course. The last few areas had Cole floating over The Beasts shoulder and killing everyone who got in the way. There were a few fights with Nix, who you had to kill, but the real gut punch was Zeke showing up with a big ass hand gun and a crushed look in his face. Zeke stuck by Cole no matter what he did (aside from the whole betraying him in the first game thing, but they got over that), but siding with the person who was going to bring about the end of the human species as a whole was a bit much. Zeke shoots Cole, which doesn't do much to slow him down, and then the game forces you to kill him. Press R1 to murder your best friend. 

This was too much. I was not happy with what I had done. I was not happy with Cole becoming The Beast after John couldn't take the killing anymore. But this is just a game, right? I had a save right before the final choice, so I backed up time and tried to do the right thing. Only I couldn't: I had maxed out how evil Cole was. It was too late to change what I had turned Cole into. I suppose I could have wandered back out into an empty and dying world and help old ladies across the street until the morality meter swung the other way, but the point was clear. This is the bed you made, now you get to sleep in it.

Well done, Sucker Punch, you have made a bitter old man actually regret his actions in a game.

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