Monday, August 8, 2011

But if you look on the inside...

As unoffensive and safe the action in Dungeon Siege 3 was, it did manage something that very few games even attempt. Action games have, as of late, taken to one upping one another with their levels of senseless and wanton violence. This is not just in the actual parts you play, but in player driven story developments as well. Your choices range from kill the guy now with your gun or kill him now with your sword or maybe let him go and kill him later. Not since, well, KotoR 2, have I seen a game where honest to goodness mercy is encouraged.

While it would have been nice to have moral choices implemented through game play, simply having the option to show mercy and compassion to enemies is almost unheard of. Dungeon Siege 3's story is surprisingly dense, full of betrayal and lies, genocide and political intrigue. At the core of it all is an archon whose father was murdered by the legion (and guess who the player is a decedent of). She is never portrayed as evil, but she definitely does evil things. She becomes consumed by an ancient power that she called on in a moment of weakness and never recovers. Along comes your character (I chose the gun wielding hottie) who has the option to change the legion for the better and not kill the bad guy when given a chance.

I played through this as fair but firm. If you crossed me I killed you from across the room with a well placed rifle shot. But if you have even one redeeming feature you get a second chance. Perhaps I am reading far to much into what really is an average action game that has been watered down for the console audience almost beyond being recognizable, but Dungeon Siege 3 has soul.

The Obsidian curse has struck again. They should have done the writing and let someone else make the game.

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