Friday, August 12, 2011

Doo, D'oh, Depp!

I have spent most of the afternoon trying to teach myself Crystal Reports XI. All I have to work with is a rather complicated report written by someone who very clearly knew what he or she was doing for a very specific database and my task is to take this report that works for one database and make it work for another. It took me half a day and I now know exactly what I don't know, which is actually a pretty big step, but I also have no idea how to learn and fix what I know that I don't know. At the very least the report is just a series of SQL select statements running in the background, which I understand, but I can't find the damn things to edit them.

Now I need to drink and drink heavily, something that I currently do not have the necessary liquids to do.


Lego games are uniquely dependent on the personalities of the characters they are lampooning. This works very well for games with multiple larger than life characters like Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones. Pirates, though, only has a few notable characters; the rest are generic pirates or soldiers (or undersea mer-men). A great deal of care was taken to make Jack look, act and sound like Jack, and it shows, but what defining characteristics does Will Turner have? Or Gibbs? Even Barbosa, as awesome as he is, is little more than a swarthier that average pirate. Blackbeard was even more disappointing. In the movies they served as foils for the main character (which is why you could get rid of almost all of them for the fourth and it was no worse for the wear) but in the game whenever Jack isn't on the screen you are left wondering who these people are and why you are controlling them.

Once again, I am reading far to much into a Lego game, but forcing me to nit pick on such a deep (or Depp) level really should be taken as a compliment. It is as fun to watch as it is to play, probably works quite well in co-op, has an incredible amount of bonuses and other bits of junk to find, and has left behind the unfortunate additions of the last game. It also looks really good, and not just for a Lego game. Finally Telltale has realized they have a little more technical headroom than they used to and done something with it. The game isn't going to win any awards, but it is not offensive to behold.

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