Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs

First of all, hooray 500 posts.

My desktop has been suffering from periodic and unexplained lock ups for a few weeks. I started with the easy (and free) fixes, trying to at least narrow down the problem. When the thing locked up while watching a video on You Tube and the sound kept right on going it became pretty clear that the issue was with my slightly aged video card. A driver update later the problem was still there, so last night I opened up the case after the thing managed to lock up on the screen saver, of all places. I was greeted by a plume of super heated air coming from, you guessed it, the video card. The fan appeared to be running, but it clearly was not doing its job. It was hot. Speed Fan had it at over 160F. It's a miracle it was working at all.

I wish I were capable of purchasing a cheap card just to get by, but even though I'm not playing anything on it now there is always the outside chance that I might. Plus, at some point in time Guild Wars 2 is going to come out and I will sequester myself from the world from an as yet undetermined amount of time. It's been so long that I have no idea what is good and what is not so I asked the PA forums for help. They have pointed me towards Radeom HD 6870, which clocks in at $189.99 (with a $30 rebate!), along with a free copy of the new Deus Ex. I am tempted, but can I really justify it when the box is used primarily for indy Steam titles and Zuma?

Of course I can. Why? Because maybe, just maybe, it will run Cryostatis, a game I bought over a year ago and have yet to actually install.

Not that I ever have time for the third gaming console that actually matters. After InFamous 2 is El Shaddai, and after that is Shadow of the Damned, plus Street Fighter 3: Third Strikes comes out tomorrow.

Speaking of Street Fighter, a few of the changes for Super Street Fighter IV: AE apology edition have been reveled. Shoddy translation aside, it looks like a point black fierce or EX Blanka ball will knock down. In the corner it will allow juggles.

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