Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It all fits together

Someone spent a great deal of time making sure that Lego Jack Sparrow had the same ridiculous run that real life Jack Sparrow does. This poor individual now has nightmares about Johnny Depp mincing about in a pirate costume; every time he closes his eyes all he can see the man flailing about in an impossible manner. His loss is my gain, because the animation is goddamn hilarious. After hours of the same Lego action I have been through at least a half dozen times I was still not tired of it. Jumping on a barrel and crushing fools to death certainly helped. These games are infectious; Lego Star Wars 3 took it one step too far, reaching into genres that it had no reason to intrude upon. This is certainly a welcome reversal, and even at this early stage I am comfortable calling this my favorite since Lego Batman.

Also, as strange as it sounds to compliment the voice acting in a game with no actual spoken dialogue, the person they got to mimic Jacks screams and grunts has it down perfectly. For all I know Depp actually did it, seeing as his soul officially belongs to Disney now. He has an island to pay for, you know.


Mortal Kombat has been officially unloaded and I am a better man for it. While there is nothing wrong with the game in concept, actually playing it with other people proved to be much to much work. It did indeed have the same look and feel of the MK games of my youth, and it boasts one of the better single player sections of a fighting game (the latter Virtua Fighters still take the cake), but when it came time to return from my self imposed fighting game hiatus I did not long for a game featuring a block button and stilted animations, and I certainly had no interest in spending more money to add more characters when I was only passable with one. It did last longer that Marvel vs Capcom 3 did, and it did not bring about the same depths of anger and self loathing, but I only have the stamina to be bad at one fighting game at a time.

Speaking of bad, playing random and getting Viper is just not fair for a charge character player. Viper is the antithesis of down back. The best I could pull off was a super jump burning kick, and all that did was heat up the air above the person I was supposed to hit.

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