Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's not chocolate and peanut butter

There was another boss battle in Knight's Contract last night with almost all of the same problems as the last one. In fact, add attacks that can hit you through stone walls to the list of awfulness. It has gotten to the point where I am going to look up all the quick time events ahead of time to make sure that only have to beat each one once.

But I don't want to talk about that today. I want to talk about this:

Keep in mind that I am still a little gun shy from both MvC3 and Mortal Kombat being failed investments of both time and money, but the more I see of this game the less I am excited for it. The inclusion of simple supers and combos that rely on quick tagging screams MvC, but the focus on juggling looks a bit more like Tekken Tag. It is neither Street Fighter or Tekken, which I suppose is the point, but the weird in between area just does not sit well with me. There is no way for me to tell how the game feels from a four minute video, but I am definitely feeling more cautious then gung ho about the game. That and watching Ken and Ryu play ping ping using Kazuya's body and fireballs looked absolutely retarded.

Perhaps easy, consistent supers and the magic series combos from MvC were added to let other things be more complicated, like team building and maximizing tiny opening for insane damage. Touch of death combos were a big part of why I stopped playing MvC3, first of all because I could no do them and secondly even if I could I do not think that wailing on a lifeless body for fifteen seconds makes for exciting fisticuffs. Street Fighter, regardless of version, is rarely this one sided, action wise. Playing defensively is a viable option (for some characters) and playing cautiously is usually rewarded. Yes, this makes the game slower, but it also allows for more mind games versus seeing one opening and doing a billion damage from it.

All bitching aside, I will undoubtedly still buy it. I bought MK, and this has to be better than that.

(Still not going to buy UMvC3, though)

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