Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Monsters from the id

Knight's Contract is slowly draining the life from me. I fell asleep on my new love seat (yes, I no longer sit on the cold basement floor when I game, my ass is much happier) not because I was tired. No, I fell asleep because I the idea of spending another hour grinding through an area that exists for the soul purpose of padding play time was too much and my subconscious revolted.

'You have been left in charge for too long,' it said as it wrenched control of my body from my waking mind, 'time for you to take a little nap.'

When I woke up Knight's Contract had been packed up and shipped off and my Blanka was now up to a B+ rating.

Or not.

I will finish the game, but I truly dread what what kind of bull shit will be thrown at me by the last guy.

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