Monday, August 22, 2011

Quality whiplash

The difference is quality between Knight's Contract and InFamous 2 is staggering. It there was such a thing as quality whiplash I would be suffering from it, though suffering is hardly the correct term for it. It is better to say that I am wallowing in InFamous 2, rolling around in all that it has to offer, getting positively filthy with its wonderful juices.

Now I'm hungry and I want to electrocute mans.

From the very beginning InFamous 2 is executed more cleanly that nine out of ten other third person action games. I have a bad habit of deleting all of my old saves. It hearkens back to the days of memory cards and CD based media where would I delete my save right after finishing a game just to force myself to trade it in towards the next one. Hard drives and game rentals have alleviated this need, but the habit remains. InFamous 2 would like very much to start you off in somewhat the same direction you finished the first game in, but instead of looking for an old save it looks at the trophies earned. Genius. It does, however, guarantee that everyone initial play through is going to be in the same alignment as the first the game. Again, this doesn't bother me, the evil powers are much more fun to use. Mass heal? Fuck that. Jumping off the tallest place I can find and crushing protesters to bits is where it's at.

The only complaints that I have heard have been about the story being a little anemic. I disagree that this is actually a problem. The story that it has is just enough to keep things moving and provide some sort of motivation, though being an electric powered monster with a pale skin, protruding veins and a bad attitude is more than enough for me. About the only thing here that I don't agree with is the inclusion of user created levels in the main game. It smacks of Little Big Planet, but the difference here is that I can avoid them entirely and am no worse off for it. They are an actual bonus, not a cheap way to get the player base to make your game for you.


I suppose I did promise (two days ago) to air out one last complaint regarding Knight's Contract. In retrospect, though, complaining about story decisions in a game so rife with game play issues is just piling on.

Not that I am above that.

From the very beginning of the game Heinrich's reason for going along with with (who he killed to begin with and cursed him with immortality) was that he wanted to die. His immortality is again and again referred to as a bad thing. He even attempts to get out of his contract and betray the good witch just for the chance of cashing it all in. The good guys triumph, or course. Flash forward to modern times and Gretchen is sitting at a modern day restaurant looking at a flaming ball of evil floating in the sky (that only she can see). Up walks Heinrich, this time in a suit that is at least two sizes too small, still alive.

So the whole 'main character is immortal and wants to die' thing, the heart of the whole story. That thing? Yeah, never mind, that was bullshit to.  

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