Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So I started playing Street Fighter again last night

Actually, it wasn't that bad, though I did run into the number one Akuma player. He know from the initial seconds of the match that I was no threat, playing with me for two rounds. By the time the match was almost over he was trying to link normals into raging demon (which I am not sure is even possible). In the few seconds that he was actually playing against me he pulled out a cross over fireball vortex that blew my goddamn mind. In retrospect I could probably have FADC'd out of it on wake up, but they would require me being able to FADC anything with accuracy. If (and I stress if) this becomes more than just a one night stand with an old, angry lover I am going to have to lay out short term, specific goals for myself. First and foremost is working focus attacks into my bag of tricks. Blanka's focus attack isn't great, but it isn't terrible and does have some uses. I just to remember that it is there instead of mashing EX electricity after a hard knock down because I don't know what else to do.


Sitting in O'Hare airport because by connecting flight to Louisville was cancelled. Traveling sucks.


  1. I'm stealing this picture for all my trolling needs.

  2. I took in while sitting in O'Hare. Their cleaning service is actually called 'Scrub, inc.'