Friday, August 19, 2011

Someone out there likes me

Have you ever gone through a domain name change? How about an email server change? Maybe both at the same time? I am only tangentially involved and it is still hell. The guys doing most of the actually work so fried at this point they are leaving scorch marks on the floor as they numbly scuffle to and from the refrigerator, quickly depleting the supply of Mt. Dew. The few things that I am of in charge of work, which means I get to have a nice quiet evening with Infamous 2.


The final few boss fights of Knight's Contract actually improved. The fights become more fair and interesting, requiring strategy instead of blind luck. What got worse were the quick time events that finished them off: instead of giving some health back you just started the fight over, and at least one took over five minutes to complete. On one occasion I had my laptop sitting open next to me with the appropriate button presses highlighted and I still screwed it up. I didn't throw anything, but only I was to fatigued by the repetition to bother.

By the end of the game I was slumped sideways on my couch, playing with all the enthusiasm of a person preparing for a colonoscopy. After about three or four tries against the last section of the last boss I was desperate for it to be over. I will admit the the fight itself again wasn't bad: the final witch was too powerful for normal attacks and too mobile for most magic attacks. You had to pin her down with a weaker spell and they nail her with a damaging one before she could escape. This was not a very big window. Not content with simply being difficult, the game adds on a time limit in the form of a giant meteor hurtling towards you.

Not quite, but you get the idea.

There's one more wrinkle: when you finally land an attack the damage it does varies greatly. The first time I used one it did several bars worth, the next time it barely scratched her. At this point there is only one explanation: I (the player) and being directly and intentionally fucked with. I of course didn't like this, but I had to finish the game. I had put up with it for this long, there was no way I was quitting now.

On the last try of the evening something wonderful happened. Something happened that proved that there are indeed benevolent beings that look over nerds in dark basements. It was nothing short of a gaming miracle:  I threw out a random attack that killed the final boss in one hit. This in not an exaggeration. I was both elated and disgusted, but at least it is over now.

I will complain about the stupid ending tomorrow.

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