Friday, September 9, 2011

But I don't want to go among mad people

My favorite part of the original Alice how the game looked, not how the game played. It felt like a natural move for Alice to go a bit further off the deep end, slipping from 'odd' to borderline 'Hellraiser.' It also arrived at the beginning of my thankfully short lived figure collecting period. I own all of the above with the exception of the Jabberwock, a piece that I have never even seen in person. They all now live in a box in the spidery, unfinished portion of the basement, waiting for a place to be displayed or to be sold at a rummage sale for beer money, whichever comes first.

Madness Returns decreases in quality by the hour, but I keep playing because I want to see what happens next. I just don't want to play what happens next, because I know it will be he same as the last five things I have done. Alice's rotating dresses have proved to be more encouragement to keep playing than anything else, and seeing her re-committed with a shaved head and wild eyes was something that I will not soon forget.

Those eyes.

We're all mad here. You're mad. I'm mad.

...mad that this isn't a better game.

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