Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An experiment

Rock climbing is just about to become 'a thing' for me, as I was at the indoor climbing gym yesterday and am planning on going again in two weeks. As usual I managed to hurt myself in several places, including turning my ankle (again) with such force that I was lightheaded for quite a while afterward. A good portion of the evening was spent on the rock wall tread mill. It is exactly what is sounds like: an instrument of inquisition level torture. Being too tired at the end of the night to even have a drink or three I got home at a reasonable time. I hurt, but I as relaxed an oddly focused, so it occurred to me that playing Street Fighter would be a good idea.

Only after dropping the first nine out of ten did it dawn on my that my fingers weren't exactly in working order. Here's the funny part: normally sucking that much in a row would have me furious, but I was still relaxed. My PP dropped below 1000 for the first time since coming back after my most recent psuedo-retirement and I did not care. It could that I was too fatigued to work myself up into a childish rage. I prefer to think that I was in some sort of zen state obtained by throwing myself at vertical surfaces and trying to climb them for two hours.

It was Honda night. Not for me, hell no, but I fought four of them. Only one was any good (and he used to play Blanka, so he knew exactly how to beat me. Good games RX). The other fell for all sorts of stuff they shouldn't have, may favorite being throwing out full screen fierce torpedoes and wondering why they kept eating river runs. I even pulled off a crouching fierce into super and a jab ball into super, both on purpose and exactly when I wanted them. Perhaps there is something to this whole physical activity thing.

I will need to drink tonight to be sure. Drink while installing my new video card and finally playing Trackmania 2. And Deus Ex. And Dirt 3. I may not sleep.

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