Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's over. Or is it?

I just made the mistake of watching some Dead Island videos. Now I really want to play it. Really want to play it. All in due time.


Madness Returns had the common sense to end the end last night, and it brought out something for the grand finale that had missing from every previous level: a boss battle. At the end of the first level the March Hare and the Door Mouse come together into a voltron style giant tea pot robot that looked like it was going to be a good fight. Instead of actually having to beat it the game decides to drop something on its head and end the level for you. Level after that didn't even bother to try to put a cap on three to four hours of drudgery; the areas just ended and you moved on to the next one. By the time I actually made it to Alice's train of consequences I fully expected the credits to roll over some moderately creepy music and to call it a night.

The train jumped back and forth between Wonderland and the real world so quickly that it became difficult to discern what was happening where. There was  plot twist in the previous chapter that was actually delivered upon (it's not often that child abuse is used for dramatic affect in a game, but it certainly makes you want to kill a guy), and finally there was a boss fight. Even though it was just a different take on the final boss from Super Smash Brothers, at least it offered some closure.

But that was all in Wonderland. What of the real villain, the one who raped Alice's sister, burned down their house, killed her family, then spent years and years brainwashing Alice into forgetting? She pushed his ass in from of a train.  It wasn't the frail, wide eyed Alice who was a prisoner of the terrible real world who did it, though. The Alice that finally had her revenge was the confident, murderous Alice who only came out in Wonderland. She snuck out just long enough to get the job done, which really makes me wonder if any of it actually happened.

The thought of Alice only getting justice in her mind is much to depressing. For once I will be happy with the traditional 'bad guy gets what he deserves' ending and keep my mouth shut.

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