Monday, September 5, 2011

The least subtle game in the world

Suda 51 is not known for making subtle games, so I was not expecting Shadows of the Damned to take its time making a point or to mince words in any way. From the very beginning it is a foul mouthed, disgusting romp through several genres worth of stereo types that breaks the fifth wall like it is going out of style. There is a line (yes, even I have limits) that once crossed cannot be returned from. It's also an easy one to miss: the line between a gritty stylistic choice and simply being juvenile. And here it is:

As if the line 'let's take this pole for a stroll' isn't bad enough, this scene and the two more afterwards are actually not easy. This leads to hearing Garcia Fucking Hotspur scream 'LOOK AT MY BIG BONER!' for around twenty minutes. Once was already too much. Gritty, bloody, dark, cliched, misogynistic, I can take all that. But dick jokes? I was already not taking the game seriously, and this just cemented that decision.

Shadows of the Damned also plays a lot like Resident Evil 4. Adding an antiquated control method to middle school humor and my interest wanes even further. It's not a bad game; it's a solid B on the imaginary scale of quality, which I suppose fits quite well when the game spends an entire chapter making reference to Evil Dead 2. But every time I started to get over the crassness of it all the flaming skull who turns into guns screams something like 'Fill those cracks with a shot from your hot boner! You heard me!' I'm no prude, and I was certainly not offended, but groaning at attempted humor is not a good compliment for shooting monsters in the head while fighting with tank controls.

The long weekend means I have already finished Shadows of the Damned. Unlike other Suda 51 games (Killer 7) it will soon be forgotten. Not even walking across the ass cheeks of a giant hallucination of Garcia's girlfriend who has been killed a dozen times and also happens to be the mistress of the lord of hell can save it from future obscurity.

It was a big ass. I look forward to forgetting it.


  1. If it was the dick jokes that turned you off, how did you make it past the opening sequence?

  2. It wasn't so much the quality it was the quantity.

    And failing that damn big boner section over and over and over...