Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fooled me twice

Oh my, was I wrong about Catherine being almost over.

The plan was to knock off the last fifteen minutes so I could start something else. The plan was that all of the puzzle sections were done, I had abandoned evil blonde Catherine and that Katherine would take me back with open arms. Vincent woke up, Katherine showed up on his door step and Catherine was there. Cue a lot of yelling, Vincent being useless and then a goddamned knife fight. Evil blonde Catherine is dead and the other two get sucked into the nightmare world for what I then thought was the last level. It was a very Ico like setup, and Katherine did just fine keeping up.

Then Vincent woke up again, Katherine showed up again and promptly dumped his ass.

Cue both me and Vincent wondering what the hell just happened.

I cannot explain the next half hour of cut scenes. Vincent doubts his sanity, his friends doubt his sanity, the hot waitress at the bar (who I think was once a dude) doubt his sanity. Eventually Vincent realizes that the only other person who ever say Catherine was the bar tender, who he intimidates into accidentally revealing himself as being some sort of ancient god that goes around breaking up couples who aren't getting married to keep the species going. Again, what? Vincent makes a deal to end the nightmares for everyone, everyone gets nice and drunk and now I think I am on the last level.

Normally I don't enjoy final act shenanigans, but this time it was very well done. I still don't know what ending I am going to get, but it really doesn't matter anymore. The ride itself has been enjoyable. It makes me wonder what came first, the story of a hapless thirty year old loser getting sucked into a metaphysical plot to further the species by weeding out the non-breeders, or the perfectly good block pushing puzzle game? We may never know, but I would not doubt that some recreational drug use was involved.

So no different than any other Atlus game.

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