Monday, October 3, 2011

Frank N. Furter knows what's best

My antici-

-pation for Skyrim is reaching unhealthy levels. It is all that I really want to play and it is more than a month away. Everything else is just filler to pass the hours. If it sucks, by god I will quit gaming forever. I won't.

It occurred to me last night that my writing has lost what little focus it ever had. Originally I was going to review most of the games I played, but that fell by the wayside as my gaming habits changed from current and good to old and shitty. I may write up something for Deus Ex, and it won't be pleasant, but I need to finish it first. What I need is a dose of something new, something to write towards instead of just at. So here's the deal, and yes, it does sound an awful lot like fan fiction. I grew rather attached to my character in Oblivion. He was an awful, awful man who did as he pleased, stole from just about everyone and murdered defenseless widows just to have a place to stash his loot. By the time the Shivering Isles expansion came out I had been through an Xbox or two and my save was corrupted. The idea of starting over was so repulsive that I never played the expansion, and this was after I had actually paid money for it.

The plan is to dedicate a paragraph or two a day to my new characters adventures in Skyrim. It has been a long, long time since I have tried my hand at fiction, but even I get tried of doing nothing but bitch, so it should be a good exercise. Skyrim posts will be in some other, more period font, so if you want to avoid them (and you probably should) feel free.

I have from now until 11-11 to come up with a name for my new thief/assassin. Oblivion's was Garret of Thief fame; this time I will need to be more creative.


Transformers 3 was criminally short. From beginning to end the single player was less than four hours, including the few spots where I managed to die over and over again. I really liked what was here, but I needed about twice as much of it. More weapons, larger areas, more Megatron. I'd be pissed, but it looks like another War for Cybertron is in the works, and I have a soft spot for High Moon, so all is forgiven. For now.

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