Monday, October 10, 2011

I am of two minds

I just had a few panicked moments of 'oh shit, it logged me out and I cleared my cookies, what the hell was my password?!'


It has been quite a while since I have had reason to split my effort between two games for any length of time, not including my constant love/hate relationship with Street Fighter. For almost two weeks now I have been alternating days, jumping back and forth between Deus Ex and Dirt 3. Dirt 3 has barely been discussed, mostly because I do not have much to say about it, good or bad. There are a ton of tracks, and they do repeat, but they very rarely repeat on the same day. My age addled short term memory is finally soft enough that I am able to enjoy a track again a few days later, thus I have gotten much further into Dirt 3 than either of the first two. There are still large chunks of the game that I will never touch, such as the 'championship' sections that are really just all the previous level strung together in a row, but I will make it through all four seasons before sending it on its way.

These daily breaks also make Deus Ex's failing much more forgivable. The only thing left that I find annoying is the shortage of ammo, even for the starting pistol (which I have pimped out to Halo pistol standards. We're talking combat evolved pistol here). I was almost out when until I back tracked through a section of the city that I previously emptied out and found the streets littered with discarded hand guns. It may have been my doing, it may have been a scripted even, or it may be a welcome bug. Don't care, I have bullets again.

It would seem that the game was listening to me complain about the moral choices being much to blase, as it threw out at me last night without the benefit of a dialogue choice to remind me that yes, what I am doing right now will have impact on what will happen later. After being shot down my pilot, the one person who has not been a dick to me yet, tells me to leave her and make a break for the exit. Jensen helpfully says that if he does, she will die, so I at least know that I should do something. There were a lot of dudes, far more than I had fought at once before and in greater variety. Snipers took pot shots from the roof tops, generic baddies hit behind explosive barrels, two heavy machine gunners flanked from either side and a big ass mech was dropped in via helicopter.

Thank goodness I had been hoarding heavy machine gun bullets and typhoon ammo. It also didn't hurt that my armor was completely leveled up so I could be reckless. After a few tries I saved her, she thanked me and flew off. I have no idea how important this will be, but the more organic nature of the choice I had to make was infinitely more effective then a dialogue wheel with 'kill the bad guys' or 'run away like a bitch' options. It still isn't a perfect game, but it has taken a step in the right direction.

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