Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It wants to be real, but not real enough

After another evening my time with Dirt 3 is rapidly coming to an end. It has run out of new things to show me, instead showing me the same things with slightly faster vehicles, and taking a days break between sessions will not cure that. I also noticed last night vehicles in in specific classes all handle the same. Yes, the big trucks feel different than the buggies which feel different than the rally cars, but within each group they are identical with the exception of top speed. I am undoubtedly spoiled by the like of Forza, the game the proved to me that rear wheel drive cars are dumb (I have floored it coming out of the corning, now why is my back end ahead of my front end). Dirt 3 is not a simulator, but I think that an all wheel drive monster should be more difficult to control than the puny cars you start with, especially when the top speed and been jumped up by a few dozen miles an hour.

I really want to finish the last season before diving in Catherine, but I will also need to finish Deus Ex. Catherine is unique enough that it refuses to share mind space with anything else, even residents of completely separate genres.

Back in topic, Dirt 3 is certainly the best looking of its series, both in the actual courses and the presentation, but it is missing some of the little touches that I really liked about the first game. During loading screens of the first Dirt (and keep in mind this was before you could install games to the hard drive) meaningless but interesting stats on you progress were displayed. I can't explain why, but it was nice to know that I had drifted a total of eighteen miles and had spent thirty minutes with the car on its roof. Dirt 2 and 3 have tried to put you in the shoes of a fledgling racer coming up through the ranks, which would be more fun if there was more to do than race, and I miss the more 'gamey' aspects. Someday someone will make a racing RPG (and I don't think B-Spec in Gran Turismo counts, that series is old, tired, and needs to be laid to rest), complete with skills to level up, relationships within the team to build....

Wait, that would be lame. 'I am a level 23 drifter, bring it on!' Yeah, never mind. I'll go back to going fast while sideways.

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