Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Secret secrets

While trolling the SRK forums (at work) I found a universal defensive option select that I had never heard of. Blanka does not have many option selects of use, and the one that is (jab X electricity or slide on teleport) I cannot do because I gave up on piano-ing anything a long, long time ago. This one, though, seems so simple and so good that it can't possibly work.

LK + LP + MK + MP, back dash after a few frames.

LK + LP counters an incoming throw, MK + MP starts up a focus attack that is then back dashed out of. It really seems to simple to be true until you realize that it cannot be mashed. The timing needs to be perfect lest you FADC into nothing or, worse yet, whiff a throw and get punished. Still, an interesting idea that I will try. Blanka has a pretty good back dash and you can only whip out EX up-ball so many time before it just gets blocked and punished. At least in the upcoming patch EX up-ball knocks down.

On that note, I wish I could do stuff like the first combo on display here:

Two one frame links in a row. Online.


I may need to break from Dirt 3 and finish off Deus Ex tonight. It has to be right at the end; I just talked the megalomanical main bad guy into feeling sorry for turning every augmented person on the planet (except for me) into raving lunatics. I feel bad killing them, but I have been turning my nose up at non-lethal combat the entire game, why start now. The bastards charge me while begging me not to shoot them. Of course I do, because I do not want to die, and they don't even have the courtesy to drop some ammo or even reward me with XP. It doesn't have the epic feel that the end of the firs Deus Ex had, at least not yet, but Adam Jensen does finally feel like a bad ass. I can stroll right into enemy fire, kill people with precisely placed head shots, then saunter back into cover to regain what little health I have lost. Using every augmentation point I got making myself bigger and tougher was the right call; I can't imagine playing this game 100% stealthy, not when there are a few forced encounters with giant mechs.

There probably is a way to pussy foot around them and turn them off from behind, but why bother when I have a shoulder mounted laser cannon.

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