Saturday, October 8, 2011

Seriously, it's been all week?

Damn, time flies when you are not having fun.

I am being much to harsh. Deus Ex has improved a great deal. There was a definite turning point where I went from tin man to man of steel and it had nothing to do with any augmentations. Honestly, for the way I am playing, they have had very little effect on what I have been able to do. No, it was a series of gun enhancements that I found/purchased, all of which went towards the beginning hand gun. What I have now instead of a pea shooter is a silenced, laser sighted, impossible long clip having dealer of death. I am able to shoot people in the head from across the room and no one notices. Screw stealth from close up, I just kill everyone before walking into to room. Add this to a fully powered up typhoon attack and even the bosses die in two or three salvos. I may have broken the combat part of the game. Serves it right for making me sneak around for the first several hours.

Since I actually own Deus Ex I have been platooning my time with a rental just to keep the queue moving. This week it has been Dirt 3 (which I also got for free with the purchase of my new video card, but if I am going to play a racing game on my PC it is going to be Trackmania 2). It is just as polished and arcadey at the medium difficulty as the previous games. This time I have even managed to get the hang of gymkhana, getting silvers instead of skipping them entirely. I doubt I will 'finish' it, instead playing it until I begin to fail races over and over. I have never liked a racing game enough to spend time practicing or learning a track. Project Gotham 2 came the closest, but that may have been because there was nothing else to play back then.


That was an incredibly boring paragraph. Time for some self analysis. Wait, I'm sober, that won't work. Time for, what then? Reassessment? This is a blog that no one reads, does it matter if the quality of my recorded internal dialogue has slipped? Yes, as a matter of fact it does. I can't use 'but I am waiting for Skyrim' as en excuse for everything, much less half assed entries after three days of absence to what is supposed to be a daily exercise. The point to this is supposed to be an ongoing discussion of what I am playing and it has degenerated to 'this is good' or 'this sucks' without any details or justification.

Stream of consciousness time. Why am I disappointed in Deus Ex? Because all of the moral choices fall flat or aren't moral choices at all. Should I talk this guy out of killing himself with the click of the button or assist in his suicide? Should I harass a senile old lady or leave her alone? Should I waste my precious ammo on street urchins or save it for people who are actually trying to kill me? There is about as much of a moral choice here as in a GTA game: sure, I can do terrible things, but there is no benefit to doing them. Being good is also the most efficient way to play the game. There is probably some kind of Shyamalan twist coming, but it will not effect the way the game plays, only the ending that I see, and I will be able to turn my moral compass on a dime if I want to.

Even Infamous 2 got this part right, forcing to me lay down in the uncomfortable bed of evil I had made for myself.


That was better. Not great, but better. Maybe if I wasn't doing this as 12:30 AM...

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