Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is easy?!

It only took three chapters to realize that playing Catherine on medium was not a good idea. I used up all my retries on one level, though all having no retires does is force you out to the main menu to reload your last save. It is worse than losing progress, it wastes your time. Dropping it back to easy ensured that I have plenty of retries, but I swear the puzzles didn't get any easier. There was a very interesting difficulty curve, with new blocks introduced each level, and the penultimate level throwing them all at you simultaneously. It made for some frantic puzzling, but the difficulty was always in doing things fast enough, not doing things smart enough.

That changed dramatically in what I assume was the last puzzle level. They got much, much shorter and the block variety dwindled down to almost nothing. Gone were the endless cliffs of ice blocks, spike blocks, explosive blocks and spring blocks. What was left were two or three very short, very difficult puzzles. I had to start each of these over more time than I can count, urged on because I could literally see the end of the level from the very beginning. It was a good change of pace, though I do hope that it is done now. I am left with more story segments that are making less and less sense. I had assumed that Catherine (the cute blonde one) was all in Vincent's head, but if that is the case then who kicked his ass in the bathroom after he dumped her? Are well dealing with Fight Club level dis-associative disorder?

After looking at the achievement list I know that she doesn't exist, so unless there is last minute reveal or another level I must have done the non-puzzle part of the game completely wrong. I just don't know what else I could have done; you talk to people and answer texts. The only options are what you say in the texts, and even that is just choosing between several canned responses. Apparently I am as bad at fostering and maintaining virtual relationships as I am real ones.

...browsing the internet counts as leaving the house, right?

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