Thursday, November 10, 2011

The excitement is terrible

I haven't been this excited for a game release in a long time. I don't buy many games any more, the last two being Mortal Kombat and Marvel vs Capcom 3, neither of which went very well. This once is different. Skyrim is bought and paid for already. It is sitting in the back room of my local Gamestop just waiting to be picked up. If I wasn't so old and fragile I would be at the midnight opening. Tomorrow morning will just have to suffice. My cynical internal monologue has been almost completely silenced; the chances of this being terrible are almost non-existent. Though I did enjoy Oblivion a great deal in its ludite console form. The not so current fad is to hate it and its leveling system, then mod it to death until it is no longer the game that was intended. I don't remember it being a problem. It would have dominated my playing time even if there was something to play of the 360 at the time (there wasn't).

There are so many stories from my time with Oblivion, many of which I have already told here. Some of them were scripted, but the best ones were just organic things that happened because I screwed up or was messing around. I inadvertently let an assassination target escape once (I could have killed here, but instead I charmed her dog and forced it to attack her. It was hilarious, but it couldn't finish the job). She fled into a nearby cave, right into the teeth of another side quest involving warring faction of trolls. They killed her, completing my job, then I had to kill them to get something off of her body. None of this was intentional, but it made the world much more believable.

My gaming habits are a bit different now, so Skyrim will not get weeks of uninterrupted time. The backlog is already looming large, with Resistance 3 and White Knight Chronicles 2 in the mail, and many other excellent games that I have not had a chance to look at yet. This is an impossible time of year for a compulsive gamer, one that I never quite recover from, making the next that much worse.

Imagine if the new rumored Xbox actually does come out next year. I'll be well and truly fucked.

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