Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm mad as hell...

It was probably not a good idea to play Bodycount immediately after Battlefield 3. All of my complaints regarding Battlefield 3 can be boiled down to nitpicking or indictments of the genre as a whole. It was a pretty good shooter single player shooter whose primary reason for existing I will never actually experience. Even without that part of the game in my knowledge I feel comfortable saying that it was certainly not a waste of time to play.

It was probably not a good idea to play Bodycount at all.

The opening segments of Bodycount were confusing and poorly voiced acted, so I skipped them. Something about people being recruited into an anti-terrorist force known as 'The Network,' but they may have been virtually controlling soldier avatars, hell if I know, I pressed A to get things over with. My agent from 'The Network' was then dropped into a reasonable looking war torn city somewhere in Africa with nothing but a checkpoint to guide him. I walked around a corner and was killed by someone who I thought was on my side. Respawned and died again. It took around five deaths (in the first level!) to figure out that the two warring factions conveniently portrayed by guys in different colored suits wanted to kill each other and you for having the audacity to show up and ask ask them to stop killing each other.

Once I stopped getting shot in the back and started getting shot in the front I realized that who was shooting me where was not actually the problem. In every modern first person shooter that I have ever played ever there is button that you use to look down the sites of your weapon. This slows down your movement and zooms in the view to better facilitate popping heads. In Bodycount is still zooms in the view but instead of slowing down your movement it stops you entirely. Moving the right stick then has you lean to the left or right. At first blush this is not a terrible idea; it allows you to use cover without having to lock yourself to the wall you are hiding behind. But then you realizing that standing still while aiming is never a good idea, and then you die. Again.

Playing a budget shooter after a big one is just not a good idea, though I have read that Battlefield 3 was less popular online one week after its release than Modern Warfare 2. Now that's a kick in the balls.


Like a moth to a flame I have returned to Street Fighter. There is a strict time limit placed on how long I can play in a given evening, mostly because buying the game for a third time would be ludicrous. I want to learn a new character, find someone who I can be slightly proficient with. Guile and Dee Jay are an option, but I think I have settled on Dhalsim. After an hour of playing ranked a few nights ago I won twice, learning very quickly that I did not know what to do with Dhalsim if and when he gets knocked down. Blanka with meter has a get our of jail free card in the form of EX upball (unless being safe jumped, something that I still cannot recognize) but what can Dhalsim do?

I put this question out into the world, and the response I got back was 'don't get knocked down.'

From several people. They were quite serious. I have chosen poorly.

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