Monday, November 7, 2011

Please, stop the cleavage

I could not bring myself to play any more Otomedius Excellent last night. It is just not good enough of a game to justify its level of depravity. It's not even that deprave, it's just that boring of a shooter. Instead I watched the mediocre stream of the tail end of Canada Cup. All of the singles had passed, leaving only the international 5v5 event. All of the biggest names were involved anyway, character locked into single elimination matches againt a person chosen from the other team specifically to fight them. Not just character counter picking, but player counter picking. Someone (it might have been Justin Wong) called it Pokemon Street Fighter, and that is a very good way to describe it. I missed the beginning and end, so I did not see team USA get beaten by the back up Japanese team after beating the primary one, but I did see an incredibly rare, wonderful thing:

a tournament level Blanka player.

Riceta's Blanka is so lame that it would be difficult to watch if I didn't find it so fascinating. There were very few extended, link heavy combos, though he could certainly perform them if the opportunity presented itself. Instead he harassed people, staying just out of range until an errant button was pressed, then getting a hit or two, usually ending in a hard knock down with electricity. There was some pressure on the opponents wake up, but more often than not he retreated back to a save distance. Riceta literally trolled his way through most of the Korean team. The stream chat cringed as I leaned in to my 480p stream (not going to spend the 8.95 until there is a really good reason, sorry), soaking up every shenanigan, watching as player after player forgot that you can focus attack the ex-rainbow roll and catching a cross up ball to the face.

It was glorious.

Eventually he ran into someone who actually knew the match (I think it was Infiltration) and the glorious run came to an end. These matches highlighted both Blanka's strengths and weaknesses. If you don't know how to deal with his bull shit you are in serious trouble, but if you do, then even the best Blankas in the biz have a hard time coming up with a win.

Bonus video below. Riceta doesn't win, but he takes a game from Daigo, so it's an (im)moral victory none the less.

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