Saturday, November 12, 2011


So much happened in Skyrim last night and I barely moved the plot along. Every cave I ran across needed to be explored, and each was filled to the brim with bandits that needed killing and chests that needed emptying. Once I got to the first town the first shop I stopped in had a quest for me. I thought it was a fetch quests; it took almost an hour. The game plays almost identically to Oblivion at this point, so it really did feel like coming back home after an extended absence. This may be greedy, but the only wish I have is that the game looked better. I understand that consoles were most likely not the lead development platforms, but Skyrim bonces back and forth between beautiful vistas to hideous textures on items close up that my poor dunmer is going to get whiplash. Battlefield 3 has proved that a high end PC game can be translated at around 90% when slimmed down for television viewing. Skyrim is falling significantly short of that mark.

The journal of Leven, the dirty dunmer thief will be coming later, I just need to decide what is important and what is not. Most of all, and this sounds really nerdy (because it is) I need to decide what his motivation to be a bastard is. Wood elves make good thieves, but they do not strike me as murderers. What pushed him over the edge?

Being saved by a dragon while his head is literally on the chopping block is a good start.

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