Sunday, December 4, 2011


I feel like I should apologize for not delivering on my Skyrim idea. I really want to point something 'in character' after everything time I play, but sometimes nothing happens. It is so easy to start walking in one direction and literally looses several hours to random caves. That's one excuse, and another is how tremendously shitty things have been at work recently. For example:

Customer: I have this problem!

Me: not sure how to fix it, let me get back to you.

Person who should know: not sure how to fix that, but I am not going to show any urgency in helping. In fact, I am going to blow it off.

Me: Fuck you. Now I don't get to sleep because I cannot turn off my brain when I am worried about something.

Skyirm (and War in the North, for that matter) have been escapes even more so than usual. They have been places to hide, if for only a few hours. It has been a long weekend of wasted time, company christmas party and all, and I do not think I have the energy to do much of anything tonight. I should play Skyrim, or start Gears of War 3, or *shudder* that awful X-Men RPG is ready to go as well. Instead I am going to sit here and watch NEC, hoping that everything is magically better when I go to work tomorrow.

It wont be.

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