Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's like a dragon water slide

Skyrim is now in the final downhill run towards the main quests conclusion, though if everything else I have done is any indication there could still be ten plus hours of game play left. I was worried that doing the actual story last would lead to a lot of backtracking, but so far it has not. Each location has been new and just far enough away from places that I could quick travel to that some walking was still involved. Traveling oftentimes brings about shenanigans, like last night when I quick traveled to a meeting location only to find my two companions getting their asses kicked by a platoon or foresworn and a dragon. It was funny enough for me to hide in a bush and watch it all go down, coming out just in time to land the final hit on the dragon and swallow his soul.

On the down side I have stumbled across a deadric quest that would have been much better to find earlier. Part of the quest is killing one of each kind of elf (and orc, just for good measure), but it refuses to give me credit for the hundreds of things I have killed up to this point. I could probably swab off the used arrows in my quiver and take care of most of it. Instead I would have to revisit areas, searching for a high elf that I can kill without bringing an entire hold down on my head. After almost eighty hours I am comfortable walking away from a quest or two. It will give me something to do in the inevitable expansions.


A final bit of gaming injustice regarding Rayman Origins. Playfire tracks how rare your achievements are. Apparently finding all the hidden lum cages and defeating the hidden boss are exceptionally rare. Gaming world, gamers as a whole, I am ashamed of you. A pox on the community for not buying the shit out of this game.

...that was a little harsh, as I didn't actually purchase it myself. So shame on me, as well.


One last thing. Even though the Skyrim journal faded quickly it was a good idea, mostly because it was a theme to get me posting more regularly. December was an anemic month, both in post quality and content, and if this experiment is to be continued I need to do better. What I need to do (but do not 'resolve' to do, because resolutions are dumb) is write more reviews, regardless of how new or old the game I am playing is. Looking through my old archive from Saving Progress I wrote a few gems and more than a few stinkers, but I think that was the right format for me: five or six paragraphs, less about the mechanics and minutia of the game and more about how it made me feel and if it was any fun or not. Doing this will actually require losing some gaming time (or sleep), but I think it will be worth it.

And if they are terrible, tell me, I will go back to bitching about how expensive oral renovations are.

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