Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Please, don't end

It is with some trepidation that I started on the final missions of Skyrim. The main four guilds are done; thieves guild was by far the best and the mages college the least best. It was difficult to define when the thieves and dark brotherhood sections were over, as the game will keep generating missions for you after the scripted ones are done. According the achievements there is something left for me to accomplish with the thieves guild, but it requires do around thirty or so of the generic quests (which just means I will get to it later). The bards college quests are done, I sided with the storm cloaks and have kicked the empire out of large sections of the country. There are surely more deadric quests to be done, if I could find them. And still, after 70+ hours of play, I run across a cave I haven't explored every time I turn the damn thing on.

This is the greatest triumph of Skyrim over Oblivion. After a short time I stopped spelunking random caves in Oblivion because they were mostly the same. In Skyrim they are all different, and a good chunk of them have a quest to do inside. Even the ones that don't are still interesting enough to clear. Even though my character has pretty much stopped leveling, hasn't changed armor or weapons in months, and has no need for more gold, I still go through them, just because I want to see them. This is no longer stabbing mobs to acquire phat loot to stab more mobs, it is a quest for visual loot. I am doing things just because doing them is fun.

It doesn't hurt that I almost never die anymore. I just need to remember to not get so close to dragons; it doesn't matter how many hitpoints you have or how good your armor is when you fit neatly inside of the monster's mouth.


Rage is a strange thing. It certainly looks gorgeous, and the driving is surprisingly good, but it has no soul. It doesn't even try to tell a story or build sympathy for the main character. He does things with no motivation other than being told to do them. Literally, he wake up after a hundred or so years of cryo-storage, some weirdoes try to kill him, he is saved from a guy who desperately wants to start in the new Mad Max movie, and you then run errands for the guy. Incredibly violent errands, which is better, but still: you are his bitch for no good reason.

This is a game engine, nothing more. A tech demo to show more talented developers what can be done, and just enough to tide us over until Doom 4 comes out.

Actually, Serious Sam 3 should be what tides us over until Doom 4 comes out, I just keep hoping it shows up on the Steam sale.


  1. Didn't I hear something about Doom 4 being put on infinite hiatus after Rage's tepid commercial success? Lemmie see if I can find it...

    Ah, here we go. Shame, that - Doom on PS3 is all I want from id.

    It still pisses me off that the only console version is that mediocre, SD version the oXbox got.

  2. Damnit, you have broken my heart.