Monday, December 19, 2011

So lazy. So, so lazy.

It's my own fault, but I am beginning to lose interest in my own blog. Topics are more difficult to come up with. Good ideas fall by the wayside because I lack the skill/patience/dedication to make them work. I haven't written an actual review in forever. It comes down to two things. First of all, when I have free time I want to play games, not talk about playing games (and work as of late has not afforded me the necessary slacking time to blog). Secondly, no one is making do it and there is no feedback (direct or implied) so I have little incentive to continue.

I am also extraordinarily lazy, and that certainly doesn't help things.

What I don't want is for the blog to mirror my relationship with Street Fighter, in which I am the abused spouse returning to the abuser time and again because this go around will be better, I'm sure. This is supposed to be a creative outlet, but I have lacked the creativity to make it more the a silent sounding bored for petty complaints and quirky one offs of questionable quality. There may not a solution, this may be the best I am capable of producing, but there is one last thing that compels me to return to this place.

As a person who enjoys playing and talking about games I am profoundly lonely. When I ran a game store I had a built in audience who appreciated what I liked and could dish it out just as well as I could give it. People would come to my place just because I knew what the hell I was talking about. Now, in the filthy 'professional' world, the subjects of note are football and golf and how to not get fat, none of which I care very much about. This blog (and to a much lesser extent, the PA forums) are the best replacement I can find, so I am hesitant to walk away from them despite my limited participation and readership. But when I look back at things I wrote and say out loud 'what the hell is his problem' before remembering that I am that guy I really wonder if it is worth the time.


Sometime over Christmas I will pick the worst of the worst for this year. As bad as X-Men Destiny was, it's not even in the running for the bottom three.


  1. I like your blog, Chamberlain. I was actually telling my dad about it, the other day. For the record, I read it every day ^.^

    I wouldn't be happy to see it disappear.

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    It's good to see your blog garnering exactly the right kind of attention. Here's hoping your get more review codes thrown your way.

  3. Heh, I doubt it - when I emailed the PR rep and said "the review's up - here it is!" I never heard back. Hah!