Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thumb blistering classic (and more terribleness)

Rayman Origins got one more thing exactly right before it was done: the balls hard hidden final level. Collecting enough of the magic whats-its to actually get it was not that bad, but my god was it a punishing several areas to get through. There were no more things to collect, just a series of one hit death areas with forced scrolling. Oh, and everything kills you. Everything. Had this been a normal level I might have complained a bit, but I worked hard for this pain. I earned it, and I was going to get to the end regardless of how long it took.

That last level took me almost an hour and a half, but it was worth it. Not for the achievement (which I do enjoy, mind you), but because it was some of the purest platforming I have played in years, and it was not afraid o kick your ass at the same time it was begging you to keep going. None of the floaty, build your own level bullshit that Little Big Planet shat out, none of the over forgiving level design of New Super Mario Bros, just raw platforming goodness.

And the last boss? Genius.

This is an absolute gem, folks, please play it.


I am having a really hard time coming up with the worst game I played this year. Sanctum of Slime was bad because it wasted an excellent license and made several poor decisions. Bloodstone was bad, and it killed (more or less) a studio that I liked. But the worst?

Let's look at metacritic...

Fist of the North Start comes in at 59. Tron: Evolution is just slightly worse at a 58. Duke Nukem Forever pulled down a 49, though I really didn't think it was that bad, just a little embarrassing to play. Sanctum of Slime is a 45, so I was exactly right about that one. Let's see, Mindjack at a 43, now we are getting somewhere.

Oh my. Venetica is at the bottom with a 42, and if Playfire is to be believed, almost no one played it (side note, don't sign up for Playfire, it spams your entire friends list with invites). I don't remember it being that bad, but then again the human mind tends to block out traumatic memories, which puts playing Venetica in the same company as a botched root canal and breaking an arm. At least both of those left me with a good story to tell.

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