Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worst of the year #2 (and odd, high pitched singing)

Bloodstone makes the top three not just because it was a terrible game. It certainly was, leveraging the worst of two disparate genres into a nearly perfect storm of boring shooting and frustrating driving, but that is certainly not the limit of its offenses. It was also the swan song of a developer who had made very few mistakes up to that point, only be done in by two questionable releases in a row. Bizarre Creations has some excellent titles under it name, Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing chief among them, so I don't understand exactly what they were thinking with Blur and Bloodstone. Blur was necessarily bad, but it had the same feel as a licensed kart racer, something that the world would survive just fine without. I didn't get it, it wasn't fun, but I supposed with the right people with the appropriate amount of alcohol it could ruin friendships just as well as Mario Kart and that damned blue shell.

Bloodstone, though, was just bad. Perhaps someone at Bizarre Creations owed someone else a big favor and was coerced into creating it. Maybe they saw the racing market getting further cornered by Forza and decided to make a break for the door. Regardless, it is the last game on it resume, and certainly not the kind of thing that helps get ex-employees a new job.

And yes, I know that Bloodstone came out in 2010, but I got around to playing it earlier this year. It didn't age well.


Part of me is not happy about Rayman Origins pulling a Mega Man and having be revisit previous worlds in the end-game. It would be worse if the levels were not all new, but they have the same themes as last time, so as good as they look it is getting a little old. I think I am almost done now; my thumbs will be thankful for the rest, as levels are getting much more  difficult as I go along. Simply surviving is not enough, you have to get from one end to the other and collect as many lums as you can and find the two hidden areas in order to have enough of the games currency to make sure everything in the next area is unlocked. I have not had to revisit any levels yet, as the old platforming skills came back pretty quickly, but I have a sinking feeling that I will find myself locked out of a few things because I have no interest in returning to old levels for speed runs. As good as the controls are, I barely survived them the first time around, now I am supposed to go back and do it again, only faster? No thanks.

Remember my comment about the music? Listen to this, all of it, and no cheating:

I am not sure if I love this or hate it. I find myself sinking into the relaxed groove of it, then can't help but wonder what the hell I am listening to.

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