Friday, January 27, 2012

Almost all singles have trace amounts of cocaine on them, you know

The economy in Dead Island is a bit of a mystery. Cash still has worth, which makes sense because people assume that eventually the zombies will be cleaned up and things will go back to normal. Buying and selling items at an inflated price is also to be expected. Upgrading weapons and repairing weapons requiring large amount of cash is just silly, especially when you are doing all of the work yourself. You roll up to the repair table with a beat to shit ax and a new weapon to enhance. Repairing the old weapons costs more than the weapon is worth and attaching a battery and wires to the new one with some duct tape and chewing gum is also not free. I can only assume the money is either burned as an offering to the gods of commerce or ground into a fine powder and smoked to pass the time.

And where do the zombies I kill hide the money I harvest off of them, anyway? Sure, some of them have pockets, but most of the women on the beach don't, and I don't want to think about the level of stank present in a postmortem g-string.

These are things that were dumped into Dead Island because RPG's have them, but no thought was put into if they would actually make sense. Finding the bits and pieces of junk needed to apply mods to weapons is already difficult enough, having to throw cash at the problem is unnecessary. Weapon degradation makes sense, but happens too quickly. Slow the process down and the need to repair weapons is removed without losing the tension of watching your blades group duller with time. It seems like Dead Island picked a genre and did everything it could to fit into it, right down to poor, often unfair melee combat.

I finally have a gun and bullets to fire from it, but they somehow do less damage than a flaming bat or scythe dipped is a paralyzing venom (and why would poison work on a zombie, anyway). Its best use is for killing other humans, all of whom think standing behind cover means crouching down just far enough so their heads are still exposed. They are just as dumb as their brain eating counterparts, they just take fewer shots to kill.

This is so disappointing. Maybe I should go read World War Z again.


 I just watched the announcement 'trailer' again. It's still the best thing about the game, and I am pretty sure Deep Silver had nothing to do with it.

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