Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beginning addiction

I saw what a hardcore Spyro Skylanders addiction looked like last night, and it was frightening. Having dismissed the game as a collectible card game based cash grab I had not actually seen how it works, so the first time one of the little figures was dropped onto the magic usb device and it popped up on the screen was actually pretty cool. Then I saw a grown man and his two children dive into a large Tupperware box filled to the brim with the figures, spouting off names whose absurdity is equaled only by the latter generation Pokemon, complaining that they are still missing a few of the really good, and I understand what it was. Skylanders really is the successor to the paper crack that Magic: The Gathering was, and I dodged a bullet by never even starting.

The last time I saw something like this almost work was Eye of Judgement on the PS3. It was actually a very good card game first and a shoddy interface with a camera that needed perfect lighting to work second. For the first month or so the gaming 'economy' worked. Rare cards were powerful, everyone had different ones, and every match or two you saw something new. Then people figures out that you could make photo copies of the cards and they worked just fine and it all went to shit. What Skylanders has done is create 'cards' that you can't make copies of and packaged in a a more child friendly way. From what I saw the game itself was nothing special, but the intrusion of the game characters into actual space is the hook, not how the game plays.


Dead Island continues to decay. It will nice to take a break from it tonight and indulge in the first of two WWE pay-per-views that I care about. I just wish that it was on a Saturday night instead of a Sunday. Having to work in the morning severely curtails how much I can eat and drink.

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