Saturday, January 7, 2012

My god, it's so big

At four hours, forty eight minutes (yes, playfire's ability to track Steam activity along side everything else is pretty nice, I have have to forgive the site for being a spam factory) Hard Reset is not the shortest game I have ever played, but it is getting close. I tried to find more information about Flying Wild Hog, but all I can come up with is that they are leftovers from People Can Fly. This probably translates to whoever wasn't kept on when they became a subsidiary of Epic. This would also explain the re-heated feeling that the game provides. Hard Reset isn't yesterday's Chinese, it is the Chinese that has been hiding in the back of the fridge behind the bad beer, just on the friendly side of being inedible.

I will go to bat for it for one big reason: it was a first person shooter that has actual boss fights. Most modern shooters (read that as all the games copying Call of Duty) don't really have big, end of level bosses because it wouldn't be 'realistic.' Apparently regenerating health gets a pass but a giant nazi wielding two miniguns to too much.

Kiss my ass, political correctness

The science fiction setting gives Hard Reset a little more leeway, and we get a twenty foot colossus and eight legged construction robot with fricken laser beam eyes gone bad. These were good fights, finally coming close to the last boss of Serious Sam, the second encounter. Special note must be made regarding the end of the construction robot fight, as it was never made clear how big it was until you knock off enough legs and it starts falling towards you off of its tower perch. At first I looked up at it, simultaneously entranced by all the bits and pieces falling off of it and and repulsed but it happening at slide show frame rates. Then it got closer, and bigger, and a real life 'oh fuck' was blurted out when I turned tail and ran.

Perhaps it was good that Hard Reset ended right after this. There was no way it was going to top that.

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