Sunday, January 1, 2012

Take that, fatty!

I had forgotten what it was like to now have one game dominating my free time. Other games had been played in  the interim, some very good, so not so much, but since November 11th all I had actually been playing was Skryim. I celebrated my renewed freedom last night with about four hours of Street Fighter. I didn't hate myself when I was done, which is certainly a success, but my PP and BP didn't move up much. I have run into quite a few people with B ranked character that have since dropped down to 4000 BP, just like my Blanka. I think actually having to pay for the expansion weeded out all of the people my bull shit worked on. Far to many people still mash crouch tech after cross up on wake up (allowing my random ultras to not look so random) but this 'technique's' time is limited.

One of  my nemesis characters has always been Rufus. I don't play against very many of them and his dive kick, unlike the freshly nerfed Yun one, is actually difficult to anti-air with Blanka's crouching medium. Even terrible Rufus players gave a problem. Last night I had what can only be described as a Yoda moment. I have watched enough of Wong's Rufus to know that his wake up option (without meter to FADC) are actually pretty limited. This Rufus liked to wake-up EX messiah kick when he didn't have the extra bars to cancel out when I blocked it. The first time he did it I guessed right and blocked it.

Download complete.

I knew he was going to do it again. It was his go to panic move, like my stupid EX-up ball that I default to when I don't know what else to do. Sure, in knocks down in 2012, but it can still be safe jumped, and just blocked it leaves me wide open. Just one on a long list of things I need to stop doing. Anyway, I knew this guy was going to EX messiah, and I knew when he was going to do it. Bait. Block. Ultra.

For a moment the game was that simple. I boiled right down to knowing what my opponent was going to do before he even knew he was going to do it. And just when I was about to get smug I ran into a Ken who actually knew how to safe jump be and kicked my ass with jabs.

I hate this game. I love this game.

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