Friday, January 13, 2012

Tiny epic

For being only two or so years apart the difference between Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta is staggering. I have never really spent any time with a PSP. Chains of Olympus looked like a PSP game to me, an opinion born solely out of ignorance, but it did not bother me because it was the first time I got to play as Kratos in quite a while. Ghost of Sparta, though, damn, it actually looks good. Not handheld good, not even PS2 good, it hold up very, very well. Perhaps my intentional dismissal of handheld gaming has been a bit hasty. If Sony's new device really can put out visuals on par with the PS3, maybe it does deserve a second look.

My only real hesitation, besides finding $250 that no one will miss, is adding yet another platform to my already impossible queue and knowing that would probably never use it. Even though I show no love for the PSP, DS or 3DS, I am not fool enough to think that there aren't excellent titles out there that I am missing. On the contrary, I know they are out there, I just don't think that I would enjoy them as much on a relatively tiny screen. For example, Chains of Olympus has a section right at the end that boils down to 'mash O to alienate deceased daughter forever.' That's some heavy shit, and it worked on a very primal level, but I don't think I would have been as affected if the window into that world was framed by my own grubby hands.

So I get warmed over re-releases years after the fact. Sometimes they work very well, sometimes they are unplayable (that Silent Hill PSP game was shit). These two God of War games were gaping holes in my gaming resume, I am just glad that I will get to see them in a venue of my choosing.

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  1. Chains of Olympus was one of the main reasons I wanted a PSP - that, Peace Walker and Valkyria Chronicles II. If I'd've known Peace Walker and CoO were both coming to the PS3, I kinda' doubt I would've picked up a Go.