Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Aiming for Bethesda's crown

I finally got that last templar bastard last night. An unrelated mission dumped me out on his doorstep. He was right there, and I still almost let him get away. Too much time wandering around in the sewers for Ezio, that bastard could smell him coming several blocks away. Speaking of killing people...

Assassin's Creed Revelations is lacking something very important, something that one would think would be present, given the actual name of the game. I have yet to get an actual assassination mission. Sure, I have killed people by leaping from roof top to roof top, plummeting down upon them from an impossible height with an impossible number of pointy objects. This is not the same as being assigned some prey, stalking them, observing them as they unknowingly wander through their final moments, then casually walking up from behind and sticking them with the hidden blade. Ezio is a busy guy, I understand that, but he is still an assassin, he should get to assassinate someone once in a while.

The Desmond's Journey sections are, because I despise mincing words, bull shit. Directionless first person platforming with a dash of Tetris does not belong here, especially when it only serves to draw out the back story of the least interesting character in the series. I did not sit down in front of Assassin's Creed to play as Desmond, much less as Desmond's disembodied mind as it wanders thorough its own memories courtesy the Animus. How they got John de Lancie to do some voice over work in these worthless sections is beyond me, he is much too cool for this. They probably promised to never make him say 'PEE-card' or mention the letter Q.

Revelations is still fun, of course. It is the same game as the last two, just in a different city with a larger arsenal. It does seem a bit buggier this time around. Assassins's Creed has never been perfect (you are your own to do a you tube search. The first one I came across used Banana Phone as the music and I am not going to look again). For example, during a quest to poison a specific target the game marked the wrong person. I poisoned him, and it caught up and pointed me in the correct direction. After I killed the her, the first guy was marked again. I went back and sure enough, he was standing there again, this time locked in a loop of the 'I am poisoned and going to die' animation.

So I killed him again.

Every time I walked away he came back, sometimes standing over his own corpse. A glitch in the animus, right?

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