Friday, February 3, 2012

Even the dead have a good side

Enough complaining about Dead Rising (it's done and I have moved on), here are a few things that it got exactly right.

Not everyone is a bad ass. During the first, best part of the game the victims are portrayed in varying states of shock. Some huddled in corners, other fought as best they could, and a few found a nice quiet corner for alcohol, drugs, and sex with strangers. All three are viable options. It breaks down a bit when people come out of their sobbing just long enough to send you on a fetch quest, but seeing people is a true state of panic, ready to bash your head in because you just might be infected, was more realistic than everyone picking up the nearest blunt object and attacking the closest zombie.

All the zombies used to be people. While the easy way was taken out and there were no child zombies, it is brought up several times that the woman coming to eat your brains was your sister or wife just a few hours ago. In the resort I can across a man sitting in a pool that had been turned red by blood, screaming that he had just killed his brother. 'What could I do?' he yelled, 'he was going to kill me!' There are recordings following a reporter who was infected early but did not actually change until he made it to the prison. He complained about getting hungrier and hungrier, then wondered why even his own son would no longer talk to him. There is a human part to a real zombie apocalypse than almost no on ever touches on because it is really heart breaking.

More than three or four zombies at a time are going to kill you. Taking on one or two is not a problem, but you cannot cut head off fast enough when they all lunge at you in concert. Any more than five in a group and I wasted my special attack.

Everyone who is a badass will most likely resort to asshattery to stay alive. The police station in town was taken over by gangs as soon as the crisis hit. The first thing they did, after they locked the doors, was blast a message from the loud speakers that they were not going to help anyone and that approaching the station would get you shot. Survival of the fittest, or those least inhibited by a stringent moral code.

All of these good things of course have nothing to do with how the game played. Dead Rising is a nice candy shell that has had the chocolate inside replaced with baking soda. It's not going to kill you if you eat it, but it sure isn't going to taste very good.


I am attempting to write a sonnet for valentine's day. On the record, fuck Shakespeare. This shit is hard. 

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