Friday, February 17, 2012

I am going to pout and watch Mask of the Phantasm

I was so dissatisfied with the ending of Arkham City I almost went back on my word and bought the Catwoman content. Not because I cared about her, but because there just had to more to it. It was all a plot by Ras, Talia dies and then surprise Clay Face appears for an uninspired boss fight. Only after I was done playing did it become interesting, in an out of character, Batman would never do this way.

For starters, Batman kills Clay Face. It isn't explicit, but Clay Face does get knocked into a Lazarus pit, something that I can't imagine would be good for a being made out of a soluble material, and Batman did it on purpose and made to effort to save him (or even acknowledged what he had done). Secondly, Batman lets Joker die. He doesn't kill Joker, and it really is Joker's own fault, but after it is clear that he is not going to survive they have a heart felt conversation, share a joke, and then Batman carries him out of Arkham City and drops him on the hood of Gordon's car. Even this new grimdark Batman would have at least tried to save him instead of watching him expire on the floor.

That last ten minutes really soured me on the game. Most of the side quests sat unfinished, but even after the credits rolled and I was dumped back into the city there was no indication of where to go next. Guided exploration is fun, but pointless wandering through areas that I have already been through several times is not. There was even on last kick in the nuts for not buying the extra content: on the edge of a building there were several cats. I walked up to them and a prompt appeared: press X to switch to Catwoman. I pressed X. Sorry, you either purchased game used or rented it, therefore you do not deserve the full experience. Fuck off an die.

Or something to that effect.

I have a hard time blaming Rocksteady for these things. They smack of publisher meddling, and meddle they will as long as there is more money to be made. Well, I didn't spent the extra $10 on what should have been on the disc, so nyeh.

...still the best Batman move.

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