Sunday, February 5, 2012

Revealing what, exactly?

It's amazing how much time you can put into Assassin's Creed games without actually playing them. There is just enough to do in their worlds that the game play is almost self sustaining. For example, for the past three days I all have been doing in Revelations is unlocking viewpoints, kicking the templar out of their dens, sending assassins to far away places to rob them of their gold, promoting said assassins to head up my dens, using the spoils of these conquests to purchase a stake in every damn shop in Constantinople, then going back to step one. When an open world can just be open and still fun to troll around in the game is doing something right. The tower defense segments are not good, however, which means that my purchasing of stores happens it spurts to prevent templar encroachment, so I do have to return to the story missions soon.

Also, there is only one templar den left. I have tried to kill the captain no less than four times, but that bastard is always hiding in a different place and runs away as soon as someone sees me.

Ezio has aged visually, but he certainly doesn't act or move any differently. I do get the feeling that Ubisoft is going to kill him off at the end, what with this being the last Assassin's Creed game in this time period, and that is fine. He has had a three game run and still works as a character. With one liners like 'I am the most interesting man in your life,' how could he not. Getting to play as Altair again is also a treat, though I am not really sure why. He only had one game, in which is didn't really change a while lot, but there is still a mystique about him. He certainly is an meaner, nastier assassin than Ezio. And his costume looks cooler from behind.

Now that I am done with the bomb making sections I have little interest in using them again. My tried, true, and exceptionally lame tactic of picking people off with throwing knives still works, and I don't even need to aim those manually. I can see caltrops being useful, but guards jumping up and down on one foot and stepping on them is so funny that I stop running away every time to turn and laugh at them. Then I kill them, of course.

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